Package net.sourceforge.jeval.operator

Interface Summary
Operator An oerator than can specified in an expression.

Class Summary
AbstractOperator This is the standard operator that is the parent to all operators found in expressions.
AdditionOperator The addition operator.
BooleanAndOperator The boolean and operator.
BooleanNotOperator The boolean not operator.
BooleanOrOperator The boolean or operator.
ClosedParenthesesOperator The closed parentheses operator.
DivisionOperator The division operator.
EqualOperator The equal operator.
GreaterThanOperator The greater than operator.
GreaterThanOrEqualOperator The greater than or equal operator.
LessThanOperator The less than operator.
LessThanOrEqualOperator The less than or equal operator.
ModulusOperator The modulus operator.
MultiplicationOperator The multiplication operator.
NotEqualOperator The not equal operator.
OpenParenthesesOperator The open parentheses operator.
SubtractionOperator The subtraction operator.

Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Robert Breidecker.