Package net.sourceforge.jeval

Contains the classes that make up the JEval API.


Interface Summary
VariableResolver This interface can be implement with a custom resolver and set onto the Evaluator class.

Class Summary
ArgumentTokenizer This class allow for tokenizer methods to be called on a String of arguments.
EvaluationResult This class can be used to wrap the result of an expression evaluation.
Evaluator This class is used to evaluate mathematical, string, Boolean and functional expressions.
ExpressionOperand Represents an operand being processed in the expression.
ExpressionOperator Represents an operator being processed in the expression.
ExpressionTree Represents an expression tree made up of a left operand, right operand, operator and unary operator.
NextOperator Represents the next operator in the expression to process.
ParsedFunction This class represents a function that has been parsed.

Exception Summary
EvaluationException This exception is thrown when an error occurs during the evaluation process.

Package net.sourceforge.jeval Description

Contains the classes that make up the JEval API.

Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Robert Breidecker.